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Engagement Videos

We’re all familiar with engagement photo shoots, but we also love the idea of pre-wedding videos, where couples can tell the story of how they met. There are lots of ways to use these “Love Stories”, save-the-dates to putting it on a wedding website, but most couples choose to premiere the film at their wedding.

Cinematic Weddings

We understand how important your wedding day is to you. From the details of your dress, to the colors you chose for your wedding, to the months of anticipation leading up to that moment that you two see each other for the first time... there are certain moments in life that just cannot be put into words… and that's where we come in.

Our passion here at Cinemotion is capturing your love in its truest form and telling your love story in a way that inspires and captivates every person that sees it.

Your wedding video will be unlike all others, a true cinematic experience.

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